Steak Combo Package:                         

Total of Approximately 28lbs of Meat 3 T-Bones & 3 Porter House Steaks,   Approximately 1lb each 3 Sirloin Steaks,  Approximately 2lbs each 6 Cube Steaks,  Approximately 8 oz's each 3 New York Strip Steak,  Approximately 8 oz's each 36 Ground Chuck Patties, Approximately 1/3lb each


Pork Package:

Total of Approximately 63lbs of Pork 25 Pork Chops, Approximately 8 oz's each 15 Pork Steaks, Approximately 1lb each 4 Slabs of Spare Ribs, Approximately4lbs each Lean Bacon By Weight, Approximately 10lbs Bulk Sausage By Weight, Approximately 5lbs

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